Foot Gel Half Toe Sleeves Bunion Cushion Forefoot Pads for Pain Relief for man and women

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Can provide excellent cushioning for metatarsal area, protect feet from calluses, blisters, alleviate the pains from foot problems.


A soft and stretchy high quality gel material made, half toe design, big toe separating from the other four toes.


It's very comfortable and non-slip in shoes. Works better with fitting socks.Comes with 1 pair. 


Stretchy enough for most adult feet. If your foot width is in the range of 2.9" to 4.7", it would be comfortbale to wear this.


Works great with most closed-toe shoes.Perfect forefoot cushions for walking,ballet dancing,running,hiking,playing tennis or other activities.


Washed by hand in cold water, then air dry. It is reusable, but for the sake of personal hygienewe, we suggest wash the sleeves after every use.

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