Metatarsal Gel Insoles Ball of Foot Pads Toe Cushions Bunion Sleeves for Mortons Neuroma Pain Relief

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  • High quality gel material made, super soft and stretchy. Very comfy to wear. With toes all enwrapped, it can buffer your toes from rubbing and blistering. Provide great cushioning for forefoot and quick feet pain relief.
  • Works with most closed-toe shoes. Big toe separating from the other four toes makes it stay in place. Can be worn with socks or no hosiery in shoes.
  • One size fits most adult feet. For wear comfort, we suggest a foot width range of 2.9" to 4.5" for reference. For high instep feet or pointed toe shoes, a half or full size larger shoes can bring more comfort.
  • Suitable for people such as ballet dancers, soccer players, runners, hikers, tennis players, people who often wear high heels, people who have badly fitted large size shoes, and those who get toe symptoms.
  • Comes with 1 pair. It's washable and reusable. For the sake of personal hygiene, we suggest wash the sleeves after every use. Get this gel toe protection sleeves and take every step without pains. We promise 100% money back guarantee if you have any dissatisfaction with the product within 1 week after you receive it, just feel free to contact us.

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